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What We Do

Our goal at Student Loan Solutions is to find the most effective solution to lowering your student loan payment via document preparation. Our mission is to educate and assist you to navigate through the complexity of federal student loan consolidation through the department of education.

There are a number of programs that offer a wide array of student loan consolidation solutions; many dependent on your wages, family size and/or any hardships within the household. Student Loan Solutions will help facilitate a consolidation of your federal student loans via document preparation, which may lower your monthly payment amount and help you avoid the consequences of default.

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Whether you’re still in school, or well on your way to building your family… let Student Loan Solutions help you get your life back on track.

Our Philosophy

It is our goal to see every ex-student financially independent and secure in their livelyhood. We can’t expect the people of our nation to graduate with a degree and immediately have a loan payment that exceeds even their mortgage in some cases. Our vision is to see everyone have the capability to take advantage of the programs put in place and funded by our tax dollars.

It is our philosophy that people with student loan issues should not need to become experts on the industry in order to work out a payment arrangement. Everyone should have an expert to go to for document preparation, and make sure everything is being done accurately and promptly on their behalf.

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"Thank you for your help today with getting my student loans squared away! Student Loan Solutions so far has been a great company to work with."
Sasha Jackson
"Thanks Student Loan Solutions for saving the day! I'm gonna save so much on my student loan repayment!"
Jeremy Taylor
"Thank you for helping me get these things under control again!"
Lora McCarthy

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out why consolidating your student loan payments may be the best option for you

Are you consolidating my loans?

NO. Your federal loans are consolidated by the Department of Education. Private Loans can’t be consolidated unless you get another private loan. However, we will also attempt to negotiate with your private lenders if possible.

Do you pay my lenders for me?

NO. Your payment goes directly to the Department of Education (they are the ones guaranteeing your loan consolidation) or your new assigned servicer.

Can I do all of this on my own?

YES. Everything we do here at SLS can be done on your own. Much like Taxes and Bankruptcies, it is possible to file your own consolidations and IBR’s. However, it can be complicated and we find that most people that try to do it on their own end up contacting us anyway to finish.

In addition, each lender has different re-filing requirements and you must stay on top of it, or you can be kicked out of their program. Our software keeps everything up to date and notifies us of when the next filing is due.

Do you have a guarantee?

YES. We guarantee that if we are not able to assist you through our document preparation, you will get your money back. What we cannot guarantee is whether or not you pay your monthly installments on time. We also can’t guarantee that you will get an IBR on all of your loans. That is completely up to the banks and Department of Education. However, for federal loans, we have a calculator that gives us a good estimated payment and lets us know whether or not you qualify. If we can do nothing for you, you will not be charged, and if you were already charged, then you will get your money back.

Are my loans paid on time?

YES. Your loan payments are taken directly from you bank account by the Department of Education or your new assigned servicer, you receive an additional .25% rate reduction for this.

Can I pay additional payments?

YES. It is not a standard part of the program, however, you can contact your lender directly, or you can contact a processor at SLS and they can help you get it taken care of.

Is it true that my loan can be forgiven?

YES. Every FEDERAL student loan has the opportunity to be forgiven. However, there are requirements for this. You must file every year on time and never miss a payment. If you do this and your loans are not paid off after 25 years then the remainders of your FEDERAL student loans are forgiven, and if you are in the service industry (non-profit, military, government etc.) you can have them forgiven in 10 years.

Currently, private lenders are not required to forgive any education loans. However, there are a few bills in place currently that are awaiting legislation that will require private lenders to have some sort of loan forgiveness option as well. Only time will tell.

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